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We apply the principles of performance psychology, occupational psychology, behavioural dynamics and learning patterns to the world of business. Inspire specialise in developing organisations and changing leadership. Our consultants work with you to engage and enable your organisation, teams, and individuals to realise their full potential, helping you to fulfil your business objectives and build sustainable competitive advantage.

Inspire is a leading provider of creative and innovative training services that are results focused, participative, memorable and relevant to your organisation. Our consultants work with you every step of the way to achieve, real measurable business results that increase productivity and bottom line profitability. By aligning our approach to your business culture and strategy we work in partnership with you to produce results that are tangible, applicable, demonstrable, and sustainable.

Why Inspire

The primary objective of any organisation is to be successful, by any measure. Find out more about the challenges inspire can help you address.

Inspired Delivery

We know that no two clients are the same. Our flexible high quality programmes make a real difference to the organisations and delegates we work with.

Inspire Results

Our clients are the heart of everything we do. We build long term relationships that deliver sustainable lasting success.

Inspire People

Our people have a unique combination of talents, passion and specialist expertise…. We love what we do, and love making a difference to our clients and delegates.

Boards & Executives

The success or failure of Boards or Executive teams will not only ripple through the whole organisation, but will also directly impact business results. One of the major challenges for those at this level is translating vision into clear-sighted strategy and effective implementation. However, competition and different agendas can cause a degree of conflict to be expected.

Key to a successful and high performing Board or Executive team is a collaborative, aligned and highly motivated team. Utilising our expertise in performance psychology and behavioural dynamics we will challenge and develop your Board or Executive team to achieve this.


Effective leadership is a key factor to your organisations success – Powerful when it’s present, destructive when it’s absent. Through a process of modelling excellence, specialised diagnostic tools, self-analysis, understanding personal styles and motivational factors, Leaders are encouraged and equipped to stretch boundaries and create a ‘New Normal’ of improved behavior. Leadership at its core is about inspiring people to outperform themselves.

We will challenge and develop your current and future leaders to be dynamic innovators willing to challenge the ‘accepted norms’ and deliver tangible business outcomes.


Managers have a crucial role in turning strategy into execution, development of managers, both as individuals and as a collective is a cornerstone of a successful business philosophy. It embraces more than just the individual, it’s an investment in the whole team, because your managers learn how to coach, support and develop their people. By opening mindsets, eliciting awareness and choice through experimental learning, we guide and support this crucial development journey.

When managers become skilled leaders results improve, attrition reduces; people feel valued and enjoy the workplace.

Operational Teams

The effectiveness of teams is the holy grail of business life. Connecting individual performance, team performance and organisation performance is the key pathway to increasing business success.

Teams exist in all shapes and sizes, some permanent, some temporary, some real, some virtual, but some always seem to work better than others. By combining the ideas, plans and tools within an organisation; with team motivation, spirit and energy we generate a platform for sustained success through the natural leaders and champions within each team.

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